Birthday's Celebration | Casa de Retiro el Mirador

We celebrate our resident's birthdays

There is nothing more exciting than celebrating important dates and more when it is another year of life, this is why at El Mirador Assisted Living we celebrate the birthdays of each of our residents; and provide them with unforgettable moments in the company of the staff, their friends of the house and their families. Although it can be a very simple act, we try to provide our older adults with joy and positive energy so that they feel part of our home. Performing these small acts improves the moods of the birthday person and everyone around them. As well as motivates the self-esteem of the older adult.

All the staff of the house collaborates to offer our residents a pleasant moment in which they try to provide those things they like, such as music or food; to achieve this, family members are contacted to learn more in detail the likes of the person. This is a moment of happiness so we try to avoid anything that may cause nostalgia or feelings of sadness to the person, we can do fun activities that help strengthen the social and family ties of the adult.

It is essential for the elderly to be accompanied by people they love and with whom they feel a special bond so that they can enjoy their birthday more.  What we try to avoid is that on that special day for him feels alone because we know that loneliness can bring with it many problems that significantly affect the person, can have damage to their health and can cause some emotional disturbances, and all for not feeling special.

That’s why our house offers a small ceremony where we celebrate the individual’s birthday in the company of everyone, showing that it is a special person for us.