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Roman Catholic Pastoral Support

El Mirador Assisted Living is a space where we not only care about the physical issues of our elderly but we also try to meet the spiritual needs of all the people who are part of our home. Because Mexico is a religious country, we know that older people grew up with an education in the Catholic religion where, over the years, it has been strengthened, finding in their faith a certain peace and comfort that motivates them to move forward; that’s why we try to satisfy that need of faith with the support of Catholic pastors.

As a person ages, it finds in religion a place where  can reflect and create a sense of coherence in life; it is practically a refuge where the elderly can channel their fears, intrigues, and concerns about the future. The fact that the older adult has a religion allows him to concentrate his discomforts in an entity that he trusts and therefore has positive changes in people.

Roman Catholic Pastoral Support
Roman Catholic Pastoral Support

Some of the positive changes that  religion can bring to old people are: 

  •  Positive attitudes about your life and your illness.
  • Sense of support and motivation on the part of the faith to continue improving.
  • Feeling part of a community in which they share similar tastes.

Knowing adults routines about their religion allows us to understand many aspects of their lives. In many cases, when the person has a very fortified faith, it will enable him to accept his illness and the processes that old age entails, as well as to understand that it is one more process of life. And it has been proven that adults who regularly feed their faith tend to have better habits in their health, so there is less risk of getting sick and improving their quality of life.

Since religion is an important part of our residents, at El Mirador Assisted Living we offer them the support of the Catholic Community to relieve the insecurities or fears they have and to strengthen and motivate the faith of the people who are part of our home.