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Daily record of vital signs

(Blood pressure, pulse, glucose), useful information to bring to doctor‘s appointments.

A daily record of vital signs is very important in older people, as it helps to determine how their state of health is and in this way to prevent possible ailments. In El Mirador Assisted Living we have the service of daily record of vital signs of our residents, always thinking of offering the best possible service. 

What is the purpose of this daily registry? 


Taking blood pressure, pulse and glucose, as well as keeping a daily record of them has the purpose of helping to prevent disease and maintain the health of our residents, as well as helping them to follow up their medical consultations. Probably we may not know the importance of keeping a record of each of these things, so we will explain a little bit why it is good to do it. 

Blood pressure measurement: Blood pressure is the pressure exerted by blood circulating through the blood vessels and this is a very clear manifestation of a person’s state of health, as any alteration of this may be a sign that some abnormality is occurring. Not keeping a record of this can cause the presence of arterial hypertension not to be diagnosed in time, which is a common illness in elderly people and is produced by the increase in the force of pressure exerted by the blood in the arteries, not detecting it in time can cause systemic alterations in the heart, brain, kidneys, among other organs.   

Pulse measurement: The pulse is nothing other than the rate at which the heart beats, which is why it is commonly known as heart rate. Keeping a daily record of the heart rate is very important to check that there is no change in frequency or rhythm, as a weak pulse may indicate heart disease or some other type of problem. 

Glucose measurement: Glucose is the sugar that circulates in the blood, glucose measurement helps to know blood sugar levels, if the levels are high (hyperglycemia) can be a sign of diabetes, if the levels are low (hypoglycemia) there may be risk of suffering a serious medical problem such as brain damage if not treated in time. 

In El Mirador Assisted Living we have specially trained and qualified personnel to take care of the daily record of vital signs of our residents, to help them enjoy good health and quality of life, avoiding diseases and ailments.