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Full Housekeeping

One of the most necessary activities within a space in which many people are living is cleanliness. This must be done regularly and in the most frequented places, such as rooms, kitchen, public spaces, etc.

Cleaning will avoid the presence of certain bacteria or parasites associated with poor hygiene of space, as well as specific diseases that can damage health. In El Mirador Assisted Living we know that it is a very special element and even more because we take care of several people who are part of the third age. There is specific personnel to carry out these tasks, in spaces like the rooms and in the common areas.

Because older people tend to get sick more often, it is very important to place greater emphasis on the issue of cleanliness to decrease infections for guests, staff, and visitors. Unique products that will kill bacteria and also have low chemical content are used, so that there are no possible allergic reactions in the elderly.

Casa de Retiro el Mirador | Full Housekeeping
Casa de Retiro el Mirador | Full Housekeeping

The periodicity with which the cleaning and the arrangement of the home are carried out depends and varies, but daily the spaces of bedrooms and areas of daily use are ventilated; the furniture and floors of the house and any other surface are cleaned. The cleaning of the kitchen is also part of the regular cleaning, as is the cleaning of the bathrooms in rooms and those located in common areas.

The cleaning service offered by El Mirador Assisted Living is not something generic and superficial; it is focused on always keeping the spaces clean and according to the needs of each guest. In the same way, as mentioned before, diseases or contagions will be avoided which, with advanced age, can be more challenging to treat. It is about offering a clean and orderly space that will allow adults to enjoy an environment of peace and comfort.