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Firts-class Accommodations

Because they deserve the best

In El Mirador Assisted Living we know that one of the most important issues when thinking about senior stays is the security provided to the person, followed by the concerning care, comfort, and services provided. All these factors must be encompassed in the conditions necessary to carry them out.


It is essential to remind that the place offers the best service of care, fulfilling the demands of the adults. The spaces are adapted to cover the three essential elements of elderly adult care:


  • Comfort in first-class spaces
  • Security
  • Medical care


All the spaces inside the house have the requirements to help the elderly. The entrances have ramps for those who use wheelchairs; the lighting is according to space, and high steps are avoided so that there are no falls. Shared spaces, such as the living room, have seating for all guests and a place for recreational activities and physical therapies.

As for dormitories, they provide the necessary tools for the person to feel comfortable. The decoration of the room can be according to the tastes, as well that can count on objects that visually relax the adult; and the bed is comfortable, with ideal height, on many occasions, special mattresses are used. We have large single (private) and double rooms. Our private and shared rooms feature air conditioning, heating and T.V. with cable and hospital bed (if necessary) in order to offer the best service to our residents.


One of the essential spaces is the bathroom, so we have the necessary required tools to provide our residents with the security they need. Bathroom doors can be opened inside and out to monitor older adults. And also there are support bars near the toilet and shower to avoid accidents.


It is essential that family members are advised that El Mirador Assisted Living has the safety methods mentioned above and that they have medical support to advise at all times the adult and staff working in the house. And above all, the adult must feel comfortable in the space since it will be he or she who lives in the estancia. The combination of all these elements will allow the elderly a more comfortable and dignified life.