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Occupational Therapy

One of the objectives of El Mirador Assisted Living is to help our residents to develop independently in their daily tasks since we know that in many occasions this type of limitations, generated by cognitive impairments, can make older adults feel less. One of the services we offer within our facilities is occupational therapy, where the person is evaluated to adapt to specific activities that will allow and facilitate mental development and social integration.

We are constantly looking for new ways to attend and satisfy the needs of our older adults because what we want is for our guests to feel complete, that is why we implement physiotherapy and occupational therapy services. The activities carried out in occupational therapy are concentrated on stimulating the physical, emotional and cognitive capacities of all people. This makes it possible to identify problems that the person may have, and this is done by working from the family to the very staff of the house so that everyone is notified of the progress that our elder has.

Casa de Retiro el Mirador | Occupational Therapy
Casa de Retiro el Mirador | Occupational Therapy

Some of the benefits we can highlight from this type of therapy in the elderly are:

  • Stimulate their physical and mentality to prepare the elderly to daily life.
  • Train people to use specific tools that facilitate their daily tasks.
  • Prepare people to have a sense of autonomy.
  • Help older adults adapt to their environment.
  • Strengthen family and social ties.

With these types of benefits, we provide our residents with an environment where they can exploit all their capabilities to improve their personal, social, and family lives. This is always accompanied by the help and advice of a specialist who works this type of technique.  At El Mirador Assisted Living we are always adapting new techniques so that our older adults feel more comfortable with their bodies and the environment in which they develop.