Video Monitoring | Casa de Retiro el Mirador

Video monitoring for your peace of mind

Many of the worries of the families when leaving to the care of their eldest relative in a stay is the security that is provided to them, for that reason we implement in El Mirador Assisted Living the use of security cameras to monitor in every moment our residents. We believe that vigilance and protection is one of our primary objectives and therefore spend a great deal of time providing our guests with a sense of security. Not only externally but also internally so if an incident happens, we will know the cause of it.

Security does not have to be taken as something without importance, much less in a place where many people live, so it is necessary to classify this element as one of the three most important. Some of the elements that are annexed to improve security in our house are:

  • Adults are accompanied by known people, mainly their caregivers, to make them feel safe.
  • The people who visit them are tracked, and in the event of a new visit, the relatives are first consulted.
  • The doctors, specialists and all those who are part of our house have been previously investigated, so they are reliable people.

As you can see, the issue of safety is something of great importance to us because we really want all our adults and family members to feel confident and secure that they can leave their relatives in our care; providing at all times the best services in the company of the safety that our residents deserve.

The families of our guests can be informed about what safety methods we implement so that there is no doubt that we are genuinely committed to the protection of all those adults who are part of our stay, providing the best services for everyone to feel comfortable and safe.