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Monthly Haircuts

Personal hygiene is something that must always be taken care of, however as people grow older it becomes more difficult for them to perform simple daily tasks, including those by which they are responsible for keeping themselves clean, for this reason it is very common that if an older person does not have someone who is attentive to their needs, begins to neglect themselves, let their nails grow, their beard, their hair, forgets to bathe, brush their teeth and this ends up impacting on their health. 

One of the health problems that can occur for lack of hygiene in older people are ulcers, which are a kind of sores on the skin because of skin death in the area where it appears. These are caused by poor hygiene along with other factors such as lack of mobility in the body, however a person who does not have good hygiene is more likely to have this type of problem, in addition to good hygiene can help the early detection of skin problems. This type of problem can also occur with poor dental hygiene. 

Casa de Retiro el Mirador|Monthly Haircuts
Casa de Retiro el Mirador | Monthly Haircuts

On the other hand you may think that not cutting your hair and nails affects only the image of the person, but that is not the case. Long nails usually accumulate dirt, causing bacteria to form in them, which can then impact on the health of the person, also having long nails can cause more risk of injury because they can scratch the skin or even fit into it with a sudden movement. Long hair as well as affecting the personal image of the person can also affect their hygiene, as this can be more difficult to clean and can also obstruct the view. 

In Casa de Retiro El Mirador our priority is the health of our residents, and this includes their personal hygiene, for this reason we have the service of nail trimming feet and hands once a month, as well as monthly haircuts, so as to ensure that your personal hygiene is never a problem and much less cause of any disease or illness.