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Memory Care Mexico

At Casa de Retiro El Mirador, we know that one of the most challenging stages in life is old age and that as we get older, we progressively lose specific essential skills for our daily lives. One of the most affected parts is memory, and it’s because as the body ages, also the mind does, unfortunately, few people pay attention to this factor.

This can cause severe damage at a psychological and physiological level, which is why we offer the service of memory care Mexico within our facilities—allowing the elderly to strengthen their minds every day.

Importance Of Memory Care Mexico In Older Adults

Unfortunately, year after year, the percentage of older adults who have diseases that have a direct impact on memory increases, this causes an imbalance in the stability of the adult and inevitable consequences that will be reflected on an emotional and physical level. Therefore, before the problem worsens or presents itself, there must be actions that will allow us to avoid this, as is our plan of memory care Mexico.

One of the main fears in older adults is the loss of memory because when this condition occurs, there is damage throughout the body, some of them are:

  • Having difficulty remembering words, affecting the communication of older adults.
  • Repeating the same activities or conversations.
  • Loss of personal belongings or not remembering where they are.
  • Forgetting to take medication – this is one of the most common and severe, as the medicine may be treating severe illnesses.
  • Disorientation or not knowing crowded places
  • Not remembering dates or getting confused.
  • Difficulties in remembering events.
  • Problems making decisions or taking action.

Consequences Of Not Having A Plan Of Memory Care Mexico

Once an adult is showing symptoms of memory loss, it is crucial to act immediately; otherwise, there will be consequences that will not only harm him but also his own family and people around him. If immediate action is not taken, or the older adult’s mind is not exercised, two types of damage may occur.

Transient Memory Loss

Also known as temporary memory loss, it is a problem that affects information and short-term memory. Older adults with this deficit are unable to remember things from the past; they may remember what happened a few hours later, but not at the time. Some of the symptoms that accompany this problem are:

  • Suddenly remembering what happened before, after a while.
  • Despite these lapses in loss, the adult can still perform activities without much difficulty.
  • He may forget his name, but moments later, he remembers it.

Permanent Memory Loss

That’s definitely when there’s already a more significant and more worrisome problem. Older adults with this condition completely forget information not only about their memories or activities but, in some cases, essential body functions. Often, they do not recognize their own family and friends, which can be very painful for their loved ones. In these cases, support is the best help.

Causes Of Memory Loss

Multiple factors can trigger this problem, mainly when there is no support from a program of memory care Mexico.

Health Problems

When it has been determined that this is the reason for memory loss, it is often associated with poor diet, certain medications, excessive alcohol intake, and organ conditions such as liver, thyroid, and kidney. It is also caused by head injuries, tumors, emotional problems, and particular treatments.

Because Of Stress Or Emotional Problems

Emotional instability can cause temporary or permanent memory consequences, but also, certain events can cause memory to be blocked. Those who tend to get stressed out and generate anxiety quickly need the support of a professional to release those emotions. Similarly, emotional instability in older adults will require the assistance of specialists.

Mild Cognitive Impairment

Although it is a disorder that does not limit daily activities, it does cause slight memory loss. Many times when an older adult presents this problem, it can be a symptom of possible Alzheimer’s or any other disease, so it is necessary to act immediately and seek the support and service of memory care Mexico.

Caused by Alzheimer’s

It is one of the most common disorders in the elderly, where adults can present some of its three phases which are: mild, moderate, and advanced.

Mild – Important forgetfulness such as getting lost in familiar places, disconnecting from conversations, and low depression can occur.

Moderate – At this stage, forgetfulness is more noticeable as the person may forget their name, have difficulty carrying out their daily activities, be careless with their hygiene, and forget things more easily.

Advanced – In this last stage, the older adult becomes completely dependent on people, no longer recognizing any of their family and friends. It is in this phase, as well as in the moderate one when he or she will most urgently require the memory care Mexico service.

Methods Of Memory Care Mexico In Older Adults

For us, it is fundamental to take care of our residents at Casa de Retiro El Mirador, so we have certain facilities that will allow the elderly to strengthen their mental and physical abilities. The people who work with us will do activities together with the older adults that will help speed up their minds and retain information more easily. We also support the elderly with their diet so that they can have the necessary nutrients to exercise their brain functions.

At Casa de Retiro El Mirador, we offer you the service of memory care Mexico, so that the elderly can live their lives to the fullest.

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