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3 Nutritious meals

Definitely one of the essential elements in people’s lives is food, as this will dictate the health of the person.  But as we age, specific procedures that used to be simple are now becoming more complicated, such as the functional reduction of all organs. From the third age, the body undergoes changes that have effects in its totality, where in many cases it is irreversible and progressive. The loss of weight and the lying complications in the whole organism can hinder the daily ingestion of food, and therefore, it damages and harms physically and psychologically the older adult.

 A proper diet should contain the requirements to provide the elderly with the energy necessary for day-to-day life. The person’s diet must have the right calorie percentage so that all nutrients can be processed and absorbed by the body effectively. It is important to emphasize that the diet will depend essentially on the conditions in which the person is.

Casa de Retiro el Mirador | 3 Nutritious meals
Casa de Retiro el Mirador | 3 Nutritious meals

Not for the fact that the adult is thin means that he can be administered a high amount of fat, no, the consumption of fat should be within the percentages, not exceeding 300 mg/day. Proper nutrition will allow older adults to lead a better life, and their health will improve considerably, but to achieve this, people must adapt to a healthy eating style.

In El Mirador Assisted Living we always try to offer the best services to those adults who are part of our home, and we know the importance of good food, so the food goes according to the needs of guests. Healthy foods are offered three times a day, where each is nutritionally balanced to provide residents with the amount of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and vitamins they need. We also offer 2 snacks a day according to individual needs, and we can accommodate any special diet.

The families of the residents can rest assured that here at El Mirador Assisted Living, we will give them the necessary care and that the food is appropriate for them.