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Personal Medication Management

At El Mirador Assisted Living we know the importance of good medication management in the elderly, which is why we have given ourselves the task of offering personal medication management as part of our services. 

Why is it important to properly manage an older person’s medication? 


When a person reaches a certain age it is totally normal that some ailments begin to be present and to be able to treat them in the correct way it is necessary to consume medicines, the amount that has to be consumed depends on each person, but regularly people between 65-90 years old usually consume different medicines, which are really necessary so that they can continue leading a pleasant life without discomforts. 

Personal Medication Management
Personal Medication Management

The medication usually has a schedule in which the person has to take them so that they can have the desired effect, respecting this schedule is very important, because only in that way the medicine can really help the patient. Also if a person is consuming different medicines, these can become confused and this, in turn, affect the health of the person who is consuming them. 

With age, remembering things can become a difficult task, so it is very common that many people forget to take their medicines on time, confuse them, do not pay attention to the expiration date or simply forget to take them completely and all these things can deteriorate their health, so proper management of the medication is extremely important for the quality of life of older people. 

In Casa de Retiro El Mirador we have specially trained and qualified personnel to manage the medication of our residents, so that neither they nor their families have the concern that at some point they will forget it, thus ensuring that their only concern is to enjoy and be happy.